Drekan has 6 subsidiaries dedicated to the power conversion systems: gensets, motors, alternators, transformers or pumps. By the end of 2020 Drekan had around 125 employees across 12 facilities in France.

Drekan Electromécanique is a company dedicated to the maintenance of small electric rotating machines such as motors, pumps, up to 500 kW gear. The company has 10 facilities including 4 service centers and 6 Pick Up and delivery service centers allowing us to respond to our client’s needs with maximum very quickly. In 2019, the company achieved a € 6M turnover and had 35 employees.

Drekan Power Rental is our branch dedicated to the rental and installation of temporary power production and distribution solutions. It operates a fleet of around 50 generators of up to 1250 kVA, around 100 mobile high voltage power stations ranging from 3,2 kV to 63 kV and nearly 500 electrical cabinets.   (enlever le mot worksite)

Prox-E is an offshoot of Drekan Power Rental which provides, thanks to a “shop-in-shop” agencies network in the construction sector, local power generation rental solutions for SMEs and construction craftsmen.

Nelco Industries is a branch of the Drekan Group specializing in the design and manufacturing of power transfer systems and in particular commutators for DC motors. Nelco works with the main motor manufacturers in the world and with the global repair market (85% export). Nelco also offers components for rotating machines such as sets of coils, connection bars or even sheet metal packs.

Nelco is ISO9001 certified.

Inventis is an engineering firm taken over by the Drekan Group in 2020 and specialized in reverse engineering and high-power rotating machines design, in particular thermal power plant alternators. The company employs around 20 engineers and technicians. During the past 30 years, it has worked on nearly 350 machines of over 100 MW including the latest French and Chinese PWR alternators.

EPCS is a company created in 2017 which develops its activity around the maintenance and rebuild of high power energy conversion machines: large DC motors, AC MV motors or transformers. The company has 2 workshops with lifting capacities up to 80 tonnes, VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) impregnation capacities up to 3m in diameter and a test platform under load up to 10mW.

EMG-EMCO is a family-owned SME taken over in early 2021 by Drekan est which specializes in the design and manufacture of permanent magnet exciters and generators (PMGs) for synchronous machines. EMG also has a more traditional electromechanical repair business.

EMG is ISO9001 certified.