Take care of your transformers with Drekan !


Drekan EPCS provides and services Dry Type or Oil Cooled transformers. We use the latest technology and durable materials for every system we build or maintain so that whatever your application, you’ll have a reliable source of energy output.
General repairs
Is your transformer failing due to wear and tear? If so, we offer repairs that can keep almost any system running for longer. Before major issues start to interrupt your daily routines, we’ll return your unit to pristine condition.

Emergency services

If a sudden transformer failure brings operations at your facility to a halt, we offer emergency replacement services to help you get back on track. As we have more than 200 transformers in stock, our response time for emergency replacements is typically 24 hours or less, allowing major businesses to reduce downtime and expenses.


Our oil-filled and dry type transformer services come with a variety of retrofitting options. This means that if you need custom bus work on a dry type to match up with your high voltage and low voltage gear, or if you need certain bushing heights on a padmount transformer, we can work with you on a new build to order unit or modify a stock unit to meet the dimensions you need. We’ve got you covered as that is our specialty.

Rebuild & rewind

When a system needs more than a simple repair, we have the resources to rebuild it completely. Drekan EPCS rebuilds consist of new windings, new oil, new gauges and new bushings if needed. We make sure everything fits all your previous specifications.

There are times when a transformer coil can fail due to moisture or other major issues. Fortunately, the rest of your system may be salvageable or even undamaged. That’s why we offer rewinding services for transformers, so that you only invest in the repairs you need.

For all these situations, feel free to contact Drekan EPCS.