Traction motor  and generator Repair & Rewind

For existing traction motor overhauls we have found that the specifications provided do not always cover as many checks or tests as we would suggest. One particular specification for DC motor repairs calls for 58 individual checks and tests to be carried out. In practice, we actually carry out 153 individual checks and tests to that particular traction motor demonstrating our commitment to providing more than a standard overhaul as standard.

Experienced in both long-term volume overhaul contacts and one-off casualty repairs, we utilise our well established supply chain, fully equipped rail facility and multi skilled staff to mobilise effectively and deliver in line with customer requirements.

Drekan Groupe have serviced and repaired over 1,000 individual rail traction and generator motors, ranging from D77 to GE763, high speed train (HST) motors in addition to a broad range of other AC traction motors.

Specialising in the maintenance of both new and aging assets, we also work with OEMs to support the introduction of new vehicles into the market, providing troubleshooting, installation support, in situ condition monitoring and ongoing maintenance across the network.

Onboard Chokes & Transformer overhauling

In addition to its engine and traction generator repair offer, Drekan can also assist you in the maintenance or reconstruction of on-board transformers and chokes: LAX11, Z2N, TROS, etc. do not hesitate to consult us for more information.


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