Drekan is extremely present in the farming sector thanks to its various agencies that provide support in the maintenance of low voltage motors and reducers to many storage systems.

• Motor and gearbox preventive maintenance
• Troubleshooting 24/7 during harvest time
• Repair or rewind of electric motors, gearbox, fans
• Grains handling equipment maintenance
• Fans and drying systems service

Drekan is also present in the maintenance of individual or collective irrigation systems (whether they are submersible pumps or surface pumps) and diesel gensets.

• Preventive maintenance of surface or submerged water pumps
• Troubleshooting 24/7 during irrigation time
• Repair or rewind of electric motors and pumps
• Repair of diesel generator sets

Do not hesitate to contact your local Drekan-Electromécanique representative for more information on our services.