Wind-Turbines O&M : protect your asset with Drekan-Windtechnics !


Drekan-Windtechnics, a new entrant in the wind turbine maintenance in France, continues to grow and develop new means of maintenance, near your wind farms, to respond effectively to your needs. Endowed with significant resources and highly qualified personnel, Drekan-Windtechnics provides a professional response to its regional, national or international customers for the maintenance and operation of their wind farms.

Maintenance, supply of spare parts, training, are some of the services offered by the Drekan group. By offering you a comprehensive maintenance solution Drekan-Windtechnics now allows you to get all the services necessary for the operation of your wind farms from a single service provider and in most European countries.

• Preventive maintenance on site,
• Change of large components,
• Repairs of large components in the workshop,
• Wind turbine assembly,
• Oil exchange of multipliers,
• Dismantling and reconditioning of wind turbines as part of repowering projects,

Current wind power systems are becoming more and more complex, only specialization and a high level of expertise can provide quality service. This is why Drekan, since its inception, has only evolved in the industrial and energy production rotating machines with a pledged broad experience and solid know-how.

In addition to the operational aspect, Drekan-Windtechnics has also heavily invested in documentary aspects, REX, quality, thus building up one of the finest wind power databases that exist.

Uptower maintenance

With its experience and recognized skills in all areas of wind turbine maintenance, Drekan-Windtechnics is now moving towards a multiservice approach aimed at offering manufacturers or machine owners its services for any operation of:

• Preventive maintenance of machines (500h, 6 months, 1 year, blade tightening, etc.)
• Technical assistance in curative maintenance.
• Global maintenance contract with or without guarantee of availability,
• Predictive maintenance (thermography, laser lineage, oscillo-perturbography, etc.)

Drekan Windtechnics today has nearly one hundred technical employees spread over 8 local agencies and likely to offer you optimized solutions including in particular:

• A technical on-call support and a 24/7 call center for contract customers
• A 97% availability guarantee on our global maintenance offers,
• A 4-hour response time for contract customers
• The guarantee of a minimum stock of spare parts

Main components maintenance or exchange

In addition to its standard maintenance offer, Drekan adapts to the technical issues of its customers to provide them with solutions responsive and competitive in terms of “heavy” work on wind turbines. Our teams are thus able to offer you the following services:

• Change of generator bearings.
• Change of ring set.
• Change of pitch or yaw geared motors.
• Work on multiplier.
• Exchange of multiplier, blade or generator.
• Etc.

With its heavy lifting and transport partners, Drekan can assist you in all of your maintenance tasks, in the compliance with the latest safety and quality standards.

MV Substation and transformer maintenance

As it is an integral part of the wind farm, the MV network is the object of all the attentions of our maintenance department. In order to optimize the performance of your MV installations and to minimize the consequences of breakdowns, Drekan offers you multiple services on this type of installations:

• Maintenance and cleaning of MV / LV substations
• Maintenance of MV cubicles
• Control and maintenance of your LV / HTA dry or oil bath transformers
• Maintenance of LV and auxiliary cabinets (chargers, SEPAM, etc.)

Do you want to contract the maintenance of your MV networks at national level? Rely on our local establishments for a maximum responsiveness, do not hesitate to consult our teams.