Paper & Wood Products industries

Drekan offers in-shop repair, field services and distribution for AC & DC motors and generators in pulp and paper mills, lumber mills and plywood plants. We specialize in green rewinds, repairs and upgrades for the Green Motor Initiative, to help customers qualify for incentives from utilities.
More power in the same footprint

Drekan repair services include rebuilds on refiners, refiner drive motors and vacuum pump motors. Our rewinds for medium-voltage AC motors up to 15 kV improve reliability for motors exposed to moisture, steam and chemicals (and include a two-year warranty).

The VPI technology, materials and craftsmanship that go into every rewind combine for dramatic, documented improvements. 

We also offer a unique connection design for improved cooling and leaning. Lead maintenance is much faster and we do it on-site without motor changeout – easier to schedule and less downtime.