DC Electric Motors

The ABB DMI DC electric motor provides higher output performance over a wide speed range and is easier to maintain compared to conventional DC motors. This motors robust design and unique features increase reliability and extend the time between maintenance intervals. The power dense low profile of the DMI DC motor also makes it easy to integrate into almost any existing application. Power up to 1400 kW (1910 hp).
DC electric motor

AC Electric Motors – LV & MV

As a distributor of ABB’s products, a world leader in electromechanical solutions, Drekan has a wide range of low and medium voltage AC electric motors from 0.06kW to over 20mW. Our company has a buffer stock of more than 1000 standard AC motors from 0 to 200kW available in less than 12 hours everywhere in France. Power up to 23 mW. 
AC electric motor

AC Electric Motors – Synchronous

ABB’s synchronous motors for pulp and paper applications are optimized for refiners and wood grinders. The proven design has delivered extremely good performance, high efficiency and reliability in different types of pulp and paper installations. Synchronous motors from ABB provide a low cost of ownership. The flexible design concept makes it possible to adapt the motor for almost all types of applications and installations. Power up to 75 mW.
synchronous motors

Replicate & Special Motors program

Thanks to the support of its design office and its broad experience in the electric rotating machine, Drekan is able to offer you special machines or replicates of your AC and DC motors in place, a solution which may prove to be less expensive than the complete modification of an installation, switching from DC to AC for example. Do you need a CEM G630 for your steel plant or an old GE763 for your locomotive? Think about Drekan replicate program …