Correct storage ensures a good restart …

Critical Machine Storage & Asset Management

Drekan-Group critical machine storage and management reduces your unplanned downtime and capital investments in inventory. We offer professional, documented storage and management for all your critical rotating assets – electric motors and generators, pumps, gearboxes and other electro-mechanical assets :

• 24/7 on-call service for fast shipment
• Delivery of critical spares plus installation and alignment
• Maintenance schedule to Drekan or customer specification
• Spare equipment and parts management
• Drekan guarantees start at time of shipment
• Full documentation on motor inventory and maintenance history customized to your specifications


Drekan-Group offers scheduled, documented maintenance to keep your warehoused assets in tip-top working order:

• Up to 80-ton lifting capacity
• Shaft rotations to prevent bearing, rotor and shaft damage
• Megger testing to ensure good windings
• Temperature- and humidity-controlled environments
• Free of resonant vibrations to protect bearings
• Nitrogen purges on equipped motors
• Energizing of space heaters

For more on Drekan-Group asset storage and management, talk to your regional Drekan-Group sales representative or contact us.