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Although energy is now produced all over the world, it still needs to grow to meet an steadily increasing demand. Although the energy mix issues still remain extremely controversial, communities, industrial companies and energy producers must rethink their operations processes as well as their way of using energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and the associated impacts on public health.

Beyond these needs, we are convinced that access to electricity in deprived areas is an essential factor of social progress and economic development on a world scale.

Our strategy is clear: to support the transition towards more sustainable energy consumption and production systems around the world. We aim at manufacturing equipments that are more environmentally friendly, safe and efficient. Thus, we promote a social responsible business model.


Committed to protect its employees, customers and all citizens, while protecting the environment, The Drekan Group is implementing a comprehensive and proactive sustainable development and a socially responsible policy. Our CSR approach is deeply imbedded in our development strategy.
Drekan strategy



The history of the Drekan group began in 2006 with the creation of Windtechnics SAS, a company dedicated to the maintenance and installation of wind farms. This company was sold in 2009 to its minority shareholders at a time when the financial resources necessary for the development of the activity were extremely important. The Drekan group as we know it today was born 5 years later, in 2014, with the objective of offering services in the construction or maintenance of electromechanical equipment in sectors of activity more diversified than the sole wind power (industry, energy, marine, extraction, etc.)


In January 2021, despite a probable third confinement which jeopardizes the growth prospects of French industry, the Drekan group confirms its desire for development by taking over EMG-EMCO in Sens (89), an SME specializing in electromechanics and in particular in manufacture of exciters and PMGs for synchronous machines. EMG-EMCO is also the French distributor of the direct current motor range of the Italian Ansaldo (Nidec group).

In June 2021, the SEELEC company located in Bonnat in the Creuse (23) and its 17 employees joined the Drekan group. This structure generates around 2M € turnover in the sale and repair of electromechanical equipment.


In 2020, despite the Covid-19 crisis, the Drekan group continued to grow and at the very end of the year took over the design office Inventis SAS specializing in the engineering of high-power rotating machines. Inventis works in particular on the design and reverse-engineering of alternators for thermal or nuclear power plants.


The year 2019 was marked by the acquisition of the NLMK facility in Beautor. The old cold rolling mill that has 32.000m2 workshop and 800m2 office spaces, is located on a 24 hectares site. It also has a railway connection and a private river-port. The entire site was bought to install the heavy weight workshops of Drekan E.P.C.S. as well as the head office of the Drekan Group.


Acquisition of the company Locapost by Drekan Power Rental. Locapost is a small company located in the South-Est of France (Valence) and specialized in MV substation and transformer rental. Signature of a significant partnership with ABB for the sale of their motor and drives on the French territory.


Creation of Drekan E.P.C.S. (Energy & Power Conversion Systems) and acquisition of the company Andrin Motorisation, a SME located in Eastern France (Longwy) specialized in electromechanical systems service and sale.
Opening of a new Drekan workshop (/ service center) in Lille, north of France.


Acquisition of the company Nelco-Commutators, specialized in the design and manufacturing of commutators for DC motors. The CAP3RI investment fund from the Haut de France Region takes a stake in the Drekan Group to support its development project.


Acquisition of the company Champeau-Casanave, a SME located in the center of France (Nevers) and specialized in electromechanical systems service and sale. This company is now called Drekan-electromécanique and drive our growth in the business of small machines maintenance and sale.


Acquisition of the company Girard Bobinage, a SME located in the French Alps (Chambery) specialized in electromechanical service and sale.
Launch of Drekan-Power-Rental, our branch dedicated to generator sets rental and service.


Creation of the Drekan group with the ambition to structure in the next ten years a leading European independent company in the energy conversion sector and in particular in the manufacturing and maintenance of rotating electrical machines.


After 4 years of development as a pure-player in the wind-turbines O&M business, with around 2000 MW under contract and around a hundred employees based in 3 countries, The Drekan Group sells its shares to its minority shareholders in order to give the project the best chances to develop. The development potential of Windtechnics is so big that the resources to be deployed would be far beyond the Drekan Group’s means.


The year 2005 marks the birth of WIndtechnics SAS, the first company of the Drekan Group (which was not called Drekan at the time). The company, founded by T. GEORGE, offered services in the erection and maintenance of wind farms.


In 2020, despite the Covid-19 crisis, Drekan-Group continued to grow and acquired the company EMG-EMCO, specialized in the manufacturing of converters and exciter groups for synchronous machines. The end of the year was also marked by the acquisition of the Inventis SAS engineering firm specialized in the engineering of high-power rotating machines.