Drekan-Group buy the VRT Power assets to relocalize its production of power Transformer in France

VRT power test lab

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Axciss has just signed the acquisition of all the assets of transformer manufacturer VRT-Power (formerly Vonroll Transformer). This buyback includes the entire production tool, the test means as well as the industrial property of VRT-Power, an asset that will allow the group to manufacture and market internationally a very good range of products ranging from the 400kVA HTA / LV distribution transformer to the HVB power transformer of 500MVA through certain specific equipment such as power rectifiers which will have their place in the H2-Powerlab project. Before it ceased operations at the end of 2020, VRT-Power had sales of US $ 50 million and employed around 250 people in its Israeli factory, the activity also contributed to the maintenance of nearly 200 indirect jobs. Validation of this relocation project in Europe by Axciss, possibly on its site of Beautor, is very good news for the management of the group, especially in a “Covid” context where the traditional activity of Drekan in the industry hardly restart. It should be noted that the transformer market is not experiencing the crisis since it is expected to drop from 15 billion euros in 2020 to nearly 25 billion in 2025, notably drawn for renewable energies or electromobility.
VRT Power, created in 1949, specializes in power transformers up to 650MVA under 400KV
Although VRT manufactured and marketed standard distribution transformers from 400 to 5,000KVA until last summer, “food” production that Axciss obviously intends to continue, its added value lies above all in power transformers. The range of VRT Power taken over by Axciss also includes more specific equipment (rectifier transformers, zigzag, traction transformers, SVC, Step-Up, etc.) or mobile HTB substations very similar to those already operated by Drekan-Power-Rental.
The operation provides exceptional production and test equipment that will allow the company to strengthen the capacities of its site of Beautor if validated to host VRT activity.  ansys crack adobe indesign crack anytrans crack how does google analytics work
In addition to the testing capabilities of rotating machines already being installed at Beautor (3 benches for testing machines under load rotating low and medium voltage up to 18MVA under 13.8KV), the possible arrival on this same site of the VRT test platform could
significantly reinforce its attractiveness at European level. (Insulation test capacity up to 2400 kV, capacitor bank of 300 MVAR, rotating group 4.2 MVA / 250Hz, etc.). Also, in addition to the new manufacturing activity taken over from VRT, the resources made available by this acquisition will allow Drekan, another Axciss subsidiary, to strengthen its offer in the maintenance or reconstruction of old equipment, in this context, Drekan will take particular provides after-sales service for equipment produced and installed in Europe by VRT in recent years.
A gradual increase in load between 2022 and 2026 for VRT-Power
The new VRT-Power team, which will be supported by the outgoing team for the time necessary to get started with the industrial tool, will have the main challenge of gaining the confidence of the French and European markets with an ambitious, but realistic scaling- up plan. These are the lines dedicated to distribution transformers as well as step-up transformers (for wind or solar projects in particular) which will be revived as a priority at the beginning of 2022, followed by those relating to HVB transformers from 2023. The production of very high power equipment (> 100MVA) should be done in a much more gradual manner to return to its historical level by 2025 or 2026. The final choice of the implantation site that will host the VRT activity has yet to be validated, the Beautor plant , perfect for this type of “heavy” activity. obviously anticipated since the opening of the file, but the recruitment problems encountered on site by Drekan for 24 months as well as some “administrative matters” leave the management of Axciss questioning on the merits of reinforcing investments there, two other European sites are also in the running to host this project. The final decision will have to be taken by the end of May to meet the relocation schedule.
More information on Drekan-Group: www.drekan.com & on VRT-Power: www.vrtpower.com
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