Drekan finalizes a donation of € 40,000 to MSF France

As part of their 2020 “solidarity” operations and in particular after the operation “A mask, a vaccine” in May, AXCISS and DREKAN are pleased to formalize a donation of € 40,000 to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) France on October 1.

This donation marks the renewed desire of the Drekan Group’s leaders to place the notions of sharing, exchange and generosity at the very heart of Drekan’s development. This operation is also an opportunity to remember that all over the world, populations suffer from water scarcity and the absence of vaccines or infrastructure. Battle fields are still numerous and force the suffering populations to leave their native land to find asylum elsewhere. Everyone of us can ensure that these inequalities are reduced at their own level. Let us hope that, even modest, these efforts and this generosity are not in vain …

At the level of DREKAN, this first successful operation will also be, we hope, the opportunity to unite all of our employees around a sustainable partnership project with the MSF association, a partnership that could, in addition ad hoc fundraising operations, also consist in skill-based sponsorship or the supply of equipment. The energy sector, in which we operate, is undoubtedly one of the keys to the social and economic development in many regions of the world.

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