Drekan sets foot in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region with the takeover of SEELEC (23)

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After several months of discussion, heckled by the Covid context, the management of the 2 companies validated at the start of the summer the takeover of the company SEELEC by Drekan, very good news in a context where the traditional activity of the group in the industry is struggling to restart and where external growth seems to remain an effective solution to strengthen its position on the market.

SEELEC, a benchmark structure in the Creuse with € 2M turnover and 15 employees

Established in Bonnat near Guéret (23) since 1975, the SEELEC company markets electromechanical products and services (motors, pumps, drives, etc.) in a sector ranging from Châteauroux in the North to Montluçon in the East or Limoge in the West. It has 15 full-time employees and has a turnover of around 2M €.

The takeover of SEELEC, whose activity is similar to that of Drekan Electromécanique, will enable it to better serve its customers in central France, in particular by reinforcing the teams already in place in Nevers, an agency which suffers from significant recruitment difficulties. . Also, SEELEC’s business model, which offers electrotechnical maintenance services (work on TGBT, transformers, etc.), in addition to electromechanical work, could quickly be generalized to all Drekan Electromécanique sites. For its part, SEELEC will benefit from the group’s skills to, for example, offer its customers maintenance work on high-power or high-tonnage machines, it will also benefit from Drekan’s large stocks to increase its responsiveness to vis-à-vis its historical clientele.

With this operation, Drekan-Groupe, a family SME specializing in the manufacture, sale and repair of energy conversion machines (motors, alternators or transformers) crosses the 20M € mark in proforma turnover for a workforce of nearly 150 employees.

More information on Drekan-Group: www.drekan.com
More information on SEELEC: www.seelec-23.fr
Press contact: contact@drekan.com

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